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Happy New Year – Welcome Back

So it’s 2022 and we get to start all over again. It’s been great to see your happy faces at the early sessions of this year. Extra points to those who managed to survive the extra cold weather that seems to have popped up. As a reminder, it’s Thursday at 6 meeting at 5:50 and off the pitch for 7. Numbers are […]

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We are back….Almost…

We’ve been given the ok for the End of March… Subject to the government road map… Great news ETA and Rockcliff have provided the go ahead for our return to play on Monday 29th of March. It is worth remembering that this is still subject the the government plan working as expected! Next up we will open up registration, watch out for […]

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Your Feedback

Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it! Hello everyone, We recently sent out a survey to see how we were doing, and how people felt about Touch with covid in mind. I’ve picked out some of the results for this article or of course grab the whole deck below If you’ve decided to read on, lets begin…. So 78% of people felt […]

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We are back….

Whilst the local area remains in the highest tier of covid controls, we are allowed to play once again. We remind you that you must sign up in advance for a session. Attend promptly and follow all rules and guidance. Sign in with the NHS track and trace app and have your own sanitiser. You must also follow the one way system, […]

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National Lock Down…

So that’s it for the moment…. Hey all, We’ve had a few great sessions of late, and we’ve even managed to have a wait list for some session. As such, it’s disappointing to have a call a halt to our regular session, whilst we as a nation work through the National Lockdown part 2. We ask you all to take care of […]

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Monday 2-11-20

Touch is still on….. at this moment… Hello all, You must have seen by now that England is heading back to a lock down for the next 4 weeks, starting from Thursday. As such this weeks touch on Monday is still going ahead whilst we await final confirmation about sports/leisure activities. In all fairness, the assumption must be that we stop, but […]

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