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The joker of the team, he can make anyone laugh

Don’t be fooled, old Gareth still has some pace

From the valleys 

The youth  of the team!

Even I play sometimes, honest I do. In fact this is almost stylish, in a fat shouldn’t jiggle about too much kind of way!

Hollie The Hulk Smash

If you don’t catch a pass from Matt it is a mistake you wont make a second time – he seem’s to aim for your head!

Rounding out the Marshall’s here’s Cat

The real captain of the team, no messing,

He decided that as he has three names, he would be the captain…

The news recenlty told us the people of Essex had the sexiest voices – we present to you the exception to that rule… Nice hair though.  

We present some of the youth of the team, well he was once!

Always has the suncream…

One of our newer players, but he prefers Tag, that’s a different sport that involves undressing some one by removing their belts one at a time.  He is trying to get us all to play that game.