Returning to play – What you need to know…

For the recent national lock down, the government has suggested, play may be possible at the end of March. Given the previous work we did around risk assessments etc, it should be back to playing as normal. However, as ever, there will be some hurdles for us to jump and rest assured we are working on this. 

Keep an eye out for more updates. 

Lastly, your Covid Monitor – Is Ben PJ who is working with the ETA along supported by  Lesley, Cat, Rolf, Stephen and Gareth. We are here to help as needed.

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The ETA Framework

To help with our return to play, a summary of the key elements are below. You should ensure you’ve checked each section and if you’ve got any questions, issues, or suggestions then please do let us know. 

Click the “+” by each section to read more. 

ALL participants should ensure that they adhere to any government advice issued, as well England Touch’s standard Code of Conduct.

In addition, ALL participants, should also adhere to the following England Touch COVID-19 specific Code of Conduct:

• Be Self-Aware: Ensure that you self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms each time you attend any Touch related activity.

• Be Responsible: If you display symptoms, stay at home. Ensure you are fully aware of all England Touch Return to Play guidance and government guidance.

• Be Vigilant: Ensure that you maintain social distancing wherever possible. This is particularly important when not playing or training. Ensure you do not shout, spit, shake hands, high-five or embrace teammates or the opposition.

• Be Hygienic: Practice and maintain good hygiene at all times; wash your hands before, during (in the sub-box), and after any Touch related activity. Bring your own hand sanitiser to all Touch activity. Bring a towel to help with your own clean up.

• Be Proactive: Ensure that you report anything that contravenes this Code of Conduct, the Return to Play guidance and/or government guidance to your Club COVID-19 Officer, or directly to England Touch.

• Be Prepared: Ensure that you bring all necessary equipment and belongings that cannot be shared: water bottle, food, clothing, personal equipment etc.

Remember you must always follow the Covid Code Of Conduct.

Each week you will need to book yourself into the Touch session using the following link **LINK** As part of this, you will be asked to complete a declaration that you are free of symptoms. We are running a capped capacity of 24 players.

When you arrive at the session, you must scan the QR code and check in by completing the Track and Trace form.  These are kept for 21 days, and will be passed to the NHS track and trace service as needed. 


You should arrive on time and ready to play.

It’s important to arrive on time and if your late you wont be allowed to join in. This is due to the admin that our Covid monitor needs to complete at the start of a session. 

You must complete the check in by scanning the QR code upon arrival and completing the form.

You should follow the one way system, shown in the plan below. Click it to see more..

We need to minimise the amount of equipment that we use, so you will see less cones than usual and a person will be appointed to setup and clear away equipment.

If you use a bib, you need to return it to the bag as directed by our Covid monitor.  Once allocated a bib, you must not swap or change it nor can it be shared with another.

All equipment will be cleaned and sanitised before use and we will swap out touch balls during the session on a regular basis. 

You can look forward to your normal game of touch, but with a few amendments:

  • Every 15 minutes we break for a hand sanitise – you must bring your own supply
  • Balls will be swapped out during these breaks 
  • You are encouraged to bring a towel to mop up that sweat
  • When not playing you must remember social distancing
  • You might have scored a great try, but its solo celebrations only – remember that social distancing
In a one hour session you should expect there to be 40 minutes of game time to allow for breaks, and equipment swaps. 
You must follow the guidance and instructions of the Covid Monitor to ensure that we remain compliant with the guidelines for returning to play. 

After playing, please return your bibs to the nominated back as directed by the covid monitor. 

You must clean and sanitise your hands before departing. 

You must observe social distancing rules whilst at the field or should you decide to visit the facilities at the club. 

You should exit the pitch using the route determined by the covid monitor.

You must let us know so that we can work with the ETA, PHE and the NHS track and trace as appropriate. Messages can be sent via email, the contact us form, facebook messenger or via WhatsApp

  1. Do I have to be a member , I used to pay a session fee?  Yes – we are unable to collect money and you need to sign up to WBR or have an active membership to play.
  2. If I arrive late can I still play? No – due to check in, track and trace and other activities late arrivals won’t be allowed to play
  3. Give me the short version of all of this? Ok, Book into a session, arrive on time, arrive ready to play, check in with QR code, bring hand sanitiser and a towel for your clean up.
Return To Touch
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